Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Dunked

I hate to do this to those of you who have toughed out the winter without escaping north, but Farmdoc and I have just returned from ten days in Far North Queensland and I can't help gloating. It was so beautiful it was almost impossible to take photos: they all looked like such cliches. These three were taken from our room on Dunk Island.

We swam, we ate too much, we paddled a kayak through turquoise water, we climbed to the highest point on the island - the top of Mount Kootaloo - to admire the view.

We trekked through the National Park that covers most of the island, and discovered tucked away beaches.

I apologise for this post.

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  1. No apologies necessary, it gives us poor cold and shivering stay at homes a reason to hope and to know that at least someone is warm and swimming. Heard you are launching a book soon, I wish you good luck